Established by Pim Karnasuta in 2008, EverCare Solution has been accumulating experiences in providing funeral services; and has extensive domestic and international networks of partners which assist it to deliver standardized and high quality funeral services, such as international repatriation and local cremation, to local and foreign communities in Thailand.
Not only are recognition and reputation that the company has earned from official representative bodies of communities, e.g. embassies and local and international associates, as well as partners of prestigious international insurance and assistance companies worldwide, forged from the standard of excellence of the Company but such success in also built with the dedication, commitment and dignity enhanced by the team of supportive funeral coordinators of the Company, who are able to assist bereaved families in their moments of grief and sorrow.

Compassionate Care and Professional Funeral Services Remain the Missions of EverCare Solution

EverCare 24/7

About us
EverCare Solutions office is manned 24/7 by a team of 15 professionally trained multilingual Funeral Coordinators, supported by a Network of more than 50 directly contracted Mortuaries in the country main cities and more than 200 local correspondents to handle the local administrative and logistic services. Our team of experts will be liaising with all the relevant authorities (Hospital, Police, Embassies and Consulates) and coordinate with the families and loved ones the proceedings.
The Company has his own Mortuary, Embalming Team and Coffin making factory with a fully equipped transport capabilities to move the mortal remains within the country when necessary. We have correspondent in 75 countries to act as local relay for administrative and logistic procedures.

FAQ on Funerals in Thailand

The handling of Funeral Services for a Foreigner in Thailand has to comply with a set of administrative procedures that requires the contribution of three different parties
The Family or the legal representative designated by a formal will have to designate a Funeral Director. This choice can be made from a list usually provided by Consulates/ Embassies, Insurance or Assistance Companies. This is a critical step to finalise prior to starting the administrative proceedings. Then the Family or Legal Representative will have to choose the type of Funeral Services (Cremation, Repatriation of Services)
The Embassy or Consulate is usually notified by the local Police, will assist if required in the identification of a Funeral Director and liaise with him for all the administrative documentation required for Transcription and in case of Repatriation issuance of a Laissez passer for example
The Funeral Director acts as a coordinator between the different parties and secure the Funeral Services. Cremation services can be organized after the issuance of Death Certificate in a couple of days. Repatriation can take longer as the logistic is more complex and in average takes 4 to 5 days to organise
A n autopsy may be performed if the death happened outside an hospital. If the family does not want the autopsy to be performed, it must inform immediately the consulate/embassy which will contact the police for approval
Cremation takes place in a Temple in the presence of the relatives and loved one. If this presence is not possible, EverCare Solutions will send pictures of the ceremony.
The personal effects of the deceased stay at the Police station and we can collect them after receiving authorization from the Consulate/Embassy. They can be sent to the family upon request
EExperienced and professional services 24/7
Headquartered in Bangkok, EverCare Solution has English and Thai speaking coordinators available 24/7. The mortuary of the Company, where embalming is carried out, is located in the vicinity of Bangkok near the airport and the Company’s coffin factory.
EverCare Solution has been providing funeral services since 2007 and collaborating with all the foreign embassies and consulates in Thailand as well as Thai diplomatic missions overseas.
EverCare Solution is working closely with the most prestigious international assistance companies who recognize and value the Company’s expertise in providing funeral services in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. EverCare Solution is also able to deliver public service in time of mass accidents and natural disasters.
EverCare Solution has its own facilities and vehicle fleet for logistic services across Thailand.
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