Prepaid Funeral Services
In 2006 EverCare Solution launched a new Prepaid Funeral Service for Thailand to specifically meet the needs of expatriates living in the country.
This Prepaid Funeral Service is for expatriates who desire to plan funeral services in advance, according to their preferences, and to avoid the burden of fulfilling administrative procedures in time of difficulty and agony.
A prepaid funeral mandate is a signed contract between the Company and a client who wishes to use this Prepaid Funeral Service. The personalized prepaid funeral mandate lists out all necessary services and elements needed when the time comes. This mandate is legally bound and guarantees the most reliable and best possible service in Thailand.
Two Types Of Mandates Are Available:
Both mandates include the completion of administrative services consisting death registration to authorities, attainment of death report from the hospital, attainment of death certificate (and autopsy certificate, if applicable) for cremation and/or repatriation, coordination with the hospital and the police (if necessary), and communication with the next of kin and family.
For each type of mandate, there are specific services that can be chosen to accommodate particular needs and/or requirements.
How Does It Work?
Once the contract is signed the charged price of the Prepaid Funeral Service will not be changed, except a case where a new specific request is made or a new prepaid mandate is signed with the Company.